needing heartshot. <3

the ;; last ;; shot ;; ... kiss me hard.
cuz this could be the last time
that i let u..
he: i saw her today.
she: i saw him today.
he: it seems like it's been forever.
she: i wonder if he still cares..
he: she looks better than before.
she: i couldn't stop staring at him.
he: i asked her how things were going.
she: i asked about his new girlfriend.
he: i'd choose her over any girl i'm with.
she: he's probably really happy right now.
he: i couldn't look at her without starting to cry.
she: he couldn't even look at me.
he: i told her i miss her
she: he doesn't mean it
he: i mean it
she: he doesn't mean it
he: i love her
she: he loves his new girlfriend
he: i held her for the last time
she: he gave me a friendly hug
he: then i went home and cried
she: then i went home and cried
he: i lost her
she: i still love him.

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